We are presently offering 80 images, sorted in 8 series  (A through H) to make them easy to locate:

Series A | Series B | Series C  Series D  |  Series E | Series F | Series G | New! Series H

Cards may be ordered in any assortment from any series and are available in full packs of 12 cards or half packs of 6.

We now offer two elegant lines of pride and joy:

The Premier Line

Our original, formal card of understated dignity. This line has a minimum order of 48 cards.

The Benchmark Line

Our new, popularly-priced line of sophisticated greetings allowing even a modest budget to display an impressive line. This line has a minimum order of 60 cards. 

Please note: we only wholesale to established retail shops, and we do not sell individual cards.
If you wish to purchase our cards for personal use, please note the list of fine retailers on this site.